'We put together rigorous solutions
which deliver'

Here’s a list of the issues our clients ask us to help them with:

- Our structure is no longer aligned with the needs of our business
- We have a major change in strategy which needs a cultural shift

- We need our culture to become more collaborative
- We have under-performing employees whose potential isn’t yet realised
- Our top teams are working in functional silos
- We don’t have enough high quality internal people for business critical roles
- We are uncertain about which leaders in the business have the capability to lead
- We have difficulty recruiting into a particular role / finding the right people
- We have problems with low productivity / high wastage / errors / quality / absence
- We are uncertain about which skills will make the difference to business success

And if it’s a competence framework you’re after, we have an off the shelf generic framework which defines the twelve most commonly used competencies at a number of levels, from employee through to director (see below). Alternatively, we can help you to develop and tailor your own framework to fit the needs of your business strategy.



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