HR Feedback

I am grateful to the team at House HR for their skill and expertise in helping me create a programme delivery team that had visible leadership and tremendous collaboration across several hundred team members based in different continents. We realised early on that we needed to put people at the centre of the change we were making to work in a programmatic way, and the team at House HR not only showed me and my leadership team the way, but also gave us the tools to do it. Working with the team also gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in leadership through the application of their methods and approaches. And of course, we had fun along the way!

- Former Director of Atkins

‘As part of a UK wide initiative, Karen led a national job evaluation and competencies project for the NHS finance function (c16,000 staff). It was challenging intellectually and politically and required a novel approach. Karen met the project’s success criteria and successfully facilitated a number of disparate groups in order to find a mutually agreeable outcome. Her innovative solution was copied by other parts of the NHS’

- Head of Finance Staff Development, NHS



‘Karen has worked with the senior team to help us to develop a new culture of collaboration across the programme. Her strategic insight, tools and techniques and calm, inspiring manner have been invaluable on our journey.’


- Programme Director, Atkins